Meet the team

Pint of Science is a purely non-profit event organised by volunteers who have been working tirelessly to bring the event in bars all over Greece meet our two directors and click on the buttons below to meet all the people responsible for your Pint of Science! 



I come from Greece but consider myself a world citizen. My favorite activities include travelling and learning. I am inquisitive by nature. No better way to get the most of these than being a scientist. Communication is the foundation of any culture and the act of sharing translates to caring. Adding to it the magic of brewing, Pint of Science combines all my favorite things in life. Free knowledge, precious inspiration, and invaluable human connections. I am a Ph.D. student, a bioacoustician that uses marine mammal sounds to answer ecological questions. I focus on sperm whales; I constantly think about climate change. Grab a drink, let’s talk.



I have a Phd in medicine from Imperial College London and I recently moved to Athens. Having spent most of my adult life at Imperial, I am what you could say a pint of science attendee veteran. I therefore, could not pass on the opportunity to be on the team organising such an event. I really believe in the premise in the festival and had the opportunity to watch it grow over the years. I cannot wait to see it here back in my home town. What could be better than drinking with friends while watching passionate scientists talk to you about what they love most and how they are making a difference in the world! See you in May...

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