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Pint of Science is a purely non-profit event organised by volunteers who have been working tirelessly to bring the event in bars all over Greece meet our two directors and click on the buttons below to meet all the people responsible for your Pint of Science! 



I have a Phd in medicine from Imperial College London and I recently moved to Athens. Having spent most of my adult life at Imperial, I am what you could say a pint of science attendee veteran. I therefore, could not pass on the opportunity to be on the team organising such an event. I really believe in the premise in the festival and had the opportunity to watch it grow over the years. I cannot wait to see it here back in my home town. What could be better than drinking with friends while watching passionate scientists talk to you about what they love most and how they are making a difference in the world! See you in May...




A new challenge, a new step forward to increase the awareness of the large public on Science and Research. My great passion: Science Communication. Being involved for more than 25 years in this field I have also tried to pave the way for combining science and art on stage.




A neurobiologist with a passion for science and anything related. My non nerd friends call me a nerd, but who cares?  My main ambition is to employ my academic knowledge as a bioscientist and make a contribution in every day life. Communication of science is the driving force behind everything I do these days, teaching, reading, organizing Pint of Science. New entry in the team for 2020, looking forward for amazing new adventures!




Former speaker in 2018, now member of this fascinating team. Following my passion in Life Sciences I became a Biologist, a PhD holder in medicine and I was involved in various projects as a Post-doctoral researcher at “B.S.R.C. Alexander Fleming”. 




Biologist and Pharmacist. An MBA holder, currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. Being optimistic by nature and timelessly in love with science, I strongly believe that with its help we will be able to create a constantly better future for humanity. 




Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Owiwi as well as a former speaker in 2018. Despite not having a scientific background, i love all things science. From a very young age, I have always questioned the world. Science almost always gave me the answers to my never-ending torrent of queries, and it continues to do so. Having answers to my questions compelled me to want to know more. In short, science fed and continues to feed my curiosity.

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