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Quench your thirst for knowledge
Science Festival online 17-19 May 2021

Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local pub/cafe/space to share their scientific discoveries with you.
Pint of Science Greece has been successfully running in your favorite bars since 2018. To find out more about are previous events check out our Previous Pints!
In response to Covid-19, we talked to different researchers virtually - about their discoveries, current events and their lives. 


Watch our Live Shows on Youtube
We will be back 17-19 May 2021!
Pint of Science is a Global Initiative! Check out our other cities!


We are a non-profit organisation that financially relies on ticket sales to keep going. If you like what we do and would like to continue to support us during this time, please consider donating through the link below - we would really appreciate it!

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