In 2020; Pint of Science Greece carried out virtual live events in response to Covid-19.

Please note the videos are in Greek!

Livingroom Pints #6
Back to School in the Covid-19 Era

Joining us in this live, Dr.Katerina Kreatsoula and Psychologist Myrto Kogevina tell us everything we need to know as schools begin to open their doors to students; following their closure due to Covid-19. 

Livingroom Pints #5
Genomics in Modern Epidemiology

Do you know what Genome Sequencing means? And how it applies to modern epidemiology? Find out in this live with Giannis Karakasilotis, Assistant Professor of Medical Biology at the Medical School of the Democritus University of Thrace who tells us everything we need to know!

Livingroom Pints #4
Covid-19 Research Developments

Konstantinos Poulas, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Patras discusses the research developments regarding Covid-19, when we can expect a vaccine and how effective will it be. 

Livingroom Pints #3
Psychological effects of Covid-19
Livingroom Pints #2
The Directors Cut

Get to know the amazing directors of 🇬🇧 Pint of Science UK, 🇫🇷 Pint of Science France, 🇮🇪 Pint of Science Ireland, 🇦🇹 Pint of Science Austria and 🇬🇷 Pint of Science Greece, our International Director Dr. Elodie Chabrol and of course, the co-founder of Pint of Science, Dr. Praveen Paul!

Livingroom Pints #1
Livingroom Pints meets Dr.Katerina Kreatsoula

Our first ever Livingroom Pints Live Session.
Discussion with epidemiologist  Dr.Katerina Kreatsoula on all things Covid-19!

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