Alexandra Karapidaki

Heraklion Coordinator

Scientist in the heart, Marketeer in life. I consider myself a passionate “team player” who believes that we have first to change ourselves before changing our world. The role of communication facilitator expresses me more, that is the reason “Pint of Science” excites me. The opportunity that is given to the public to really understand difficult scientific topics, worked as the driving force to become a member of #pintHER!




Heraklion Coordinator

I was born in Sitia, Crete and I studied civil engineering at the University of Crete until 2009. After my studies i started exploring and experimenting with music and sound and at the same time I was involved with politics as a municipal representative in Sitia.  After that, I went to Athens to study sound engineering and since then I work professionally as a live sound engineer. On 2018 I moved back in Heraklion and I am part of Comeet Creative Space.




Heraklion Coordinator

"Science gives knowledge" and "knowledge is power". With a strong belief that knowledge leads to changing the way we collaborate and interact, sharing knowledge can foster creativity, innovation and disruption. #PintofScienceCrete excites me since it is a great opportunity for everyone to a have access to knowledge coming from open discussions around hot scientific topics..




Heraklion Coordinator

What is science and what is science for? Trying to understand the environment surrounding us and even more, communicating that, has always been a great challenge. So, how are we doing? I am Angeliki, a natural and social scientist at the same time, living in Heraklion, Crete, working continuously as to understand the world around me.




Heraklion Coordinator

Here I am! Where? Who knows? Here? There? Everywhere? Nowhere? That’s the reason I love science! Because it suggest an extremely interesting way of thinking! A world without limits, where philosophy and quantomechanic is too close. I’m Irene and i’m a designer too, as hard as it might be to be yourself and a designer at the same time . I live in Heraklion, Crete and all the time I ask for more!  I’m part of a team that I love because all together we try to do the best that we can. This experiment takes place at Comeet Creative Space in Heraklion. I have been working as an experience designer in collaboration with cultural organisations and creative teams for seven years and I hope to keep doing it! In my free time I raise chickens and I eat eggs until I crash one on the table as Columbus, having finally found a good answer about the causality dilemma "which came first: the chicken or the egg?"




Heraklion Coordinator

I studied Economics Science but then I thought that I will never be a good fit to a bank environment cause I’m too tall and pantsuits with heels would look terrible on me.

So, I made an academic twist and did a Master on International Festival and Event Management in Edinburgh. Scotland was really fantastic for two years but so cold that I decided to go back to Heraklion for a little bit and this little bit lasted for 8 years. Since then, I have been organising stuff, and did different kinds of jobs cause I might be writing a book soon about jobs. At the time being, I am part of a lovely, creative team that also runs a lovely, creative venue in Heraklion. We all might be writing a book about lovely creative stuff soon. I also like science.




Heraklion Coordinator

Born in Heraklion Crete, studied in the field of natural resources at the university of Crete and since 2010 working in films, documentaries and advertising as a director, writer and producer.  Mainly focusing and researching the social structures and the human behaviour. Since 2014 co-founder of Comeet Creative Space in Heraklion.




Heraklion Coordinator

My name is Flora and i am doing fine. I studied Forestry and Natural environment at the Aristotele university of Thessaloniki. After hearing my inner voices telling me to follow my dream i went studying again but this time at the Interior Architecture & Built Environment στο Nottigham Trent University. It was a brand new start that led me to explore my love for architecture and design. I am part of the beautiful and creative team of Comeet creative space in Heraklion, Crete that explores life, love and creativity. I fall in love and search the details of people and things around me. Powerful smiles make my life happy and give me the power to keep trying the endless search of meaning through the creative mind expressions in arts and science. Love photo stories, printing, crafting, ceramics, cooking and doing crazy things with my loved ones. Thats what grows and makes my smile powerful.