I come from Greece but consider myself a world citizen. My favorite activities include travelling and learning. I am inquisitive by nature. No better way to get the most of these than being a scientist. Communication is the foundation of any culture and the act of sharing translates to caring. Adding to it the magic of brewing, Pint of Science combines all my favorite things in life. Free knowledge, precious inspiration, and invaluable human connections. I am a Ph.D. student, a bioacoustician that uses marine mammal sounds to answer ecological questions. I focus on sperm whales; I constantly think about climate change. Grab a drink, let’s talk.


City Coordinator

English teacher in Greek State Schools and linguist. Less practical by nature, of a more theoretical field than the other members of the organising team, yet very eager to bring science through a fresh and innovative way to the island that I chose to be my home some years ago. Pint of Science is what Serifos needs to motivate young people to see beyond everyday routines and think a bit further. Let's try it! See you at the bars!


City Coordinator

I consider myself as a passionate engineer and project manager with a spontaneous, inherent love about science. Thus, I am about to start my PhD in stochastic modelling and reliability engineering. I love travelling, learning new things, meeting new people. Communication leads the way and "Pint of Science" is flourishing. I strongly believe that science should be spread and communicated by nature. Can you imagine a better evening than a night out with friends, science talking and a pint of beer? Pack your best mood, grab a drink, see you in May!


City Coordinator

Mostly traveler and photographer, but apparently also a doctor of medicine. Loving to explore human beings. Moved from Stockholm to Serifos recently. Education and learning makes us all better human beings, even while having a pint!

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