I come from Greece but consider myself a world citizen. My favorite activities include travelling and learning. I am inquisitive by nature. No better way to get the most of these than being a scientist. Communication is the foundation of any culture and the act of sharing translates to caring. Adding to it the magic of brewing, Pint of Science combines all my favorite things in life. Free knowledge, precious inspiration, and invaluable human connections. I am a Ph.D. student, a bioacoustician that uses marine mammal sounds to answer ecological questions. I focus on sperm whales; I constantly think about climate change. Grab a drink, let’s talk.



I have a Phd in medicine from Imperial College London and I recently moved to Athens. Having spent most of my adult life at Imperial, I am what you could say a pint of science attendee veteran. I therefore, could not pass on the opportunity to be on the team organising such an event. I really believe in the premise in the festival and had the opportunity to watch it grow over the years. I cannot wait to see it here back in my home town. What could be better than drinking with friends while watching passionate scientists talk to you about what they love most and how they are making a difference in the world! See you in May...


City Coordinator

Α “Pint of Science”. A new challenge, a new step forward to increase the awareness of the large public on Science and Research. My great passion: Science Communication. Being involved for more than 25 years in this field I have also tried to pave the way for combining science and art on stage.

How can science be combined with improvisation and comedy? Are scientists humorous? Can science become enjoyable? How could we make everyday science concepts understandable?  Science Reactors, a team of talented, young scientists have answered these questions through the innovative performances i.e. Stand up Science, Science on Stage that we have given during the last five years in an imaginative and humorous way.


City Coordinator

Former speaker at "Pint of Science Greece" in 2018, now member of this fascinating team. Following my passion in Life Sciences I became a Biologist, a PhD holder in medicine and I was involved in various projects as a Post-doctoral researcher at "B.S.R.C. Alexander Fleming". Now, my expertise is in Forensic Biology and since 2012 I have been working as Forensic DNA Scientist in National Division of Forensic Sciences of Greece. As Socrates said: "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom", so join our festival, have a drink and set free the scientist you hide within.


City Coordinator

I am a biotechnologist with an MSc on Medical genetics and an absolute science enthusiast. I love reading books, watching TED talks and listening to music. I like discovering new places to go out and then share my enthusiasm with people and that’s why I am writing in a City Guide column on an online magazine. I love the idea of making science comprehensible and interesting to everybody and that’s the reason I am in this team! Oh, in addition, I love wine and beer; that's also why I am here!


City Coordinator

Biologist and Pharmacist. An MBA holder, currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. Being optimistic by nature and timelessly in love with science, I strongly believe that with its help we will be able to create a constantly better future for humanity. Trying in every way to communicate the scientific progress to our fellow men. Well, what a better place to do that, than the Pint of Science festival?


City Coordinator

Maria is a chemical engineer with a PhD in Chemistry. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the National Hellenic Research Foundation. She loves traveling and learning new things. You will find her writing articles about environmental and scientific issues of everyday life at She enjoys hanging out with friends from around the world, drinking beers and discussing about science. So, there is no be(tt)er place to be than the Pint of Science, Greece. CU there!  


Visual Communication

As a daughter of a photographer and a teacher -both very in touch with their inner child, I learnt from a young age to search for the ideal combination of aesthetics, knowledge, and most importantly, fun. Having taken part in -art or film- festivals as a graphic designer, the idea of one full of science and beers just felt right. I had to help and spread the word "grab a beer, let's science"!

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